Our Story

Cannabis was first used thousands of years ago as a medicine by the ancient Egyptions, who believed their gods came from the brightest star in the sky. They called this “The Dog Star”. Today, we know that it is actually two stars, Sirius A and B. According to the legend, a magical plant was brought down from these stars as a gift to mankind. It is believed this is the story of how cannabis got its name. Canna meaning “dog” and bis, meaning “two”, the plant that came from two Dawg Stars.

Dawg Star Cannabis started almost 10 years ago on a snowboard trip to Whistler BC, well at least the idea.  It was then that a group of friends decided to take their knowledge of growing and break into the cannabis industry.

Little did we know at the time, but we would have to go out and create a legal structure for the cannabis industry first.  We started first to help patients get access to medical marijuana by opening one of the first medical clinics in WA.

Then we built one of the first cooperative grows and retail dispensaries in the state.  Helping thousands of patients get safe access to medical marijuana.

Working with local patients, growers and dispensary owners, we established the C.C.S.E. to help bring about change within the cannabis community.  We helped develop the collective garden model and worked legislators to create and implement I502, Washington’s recreational marijuana law.

Then we helped create Dope Magazine to inform the people and defend this amazing plant everywhere.

Finally, once i502 passed we decided to create DawgStar Cannabis. A cannabis brand that would be held to the highest level of standards.  Taking all of our knowledge, Dawgstar would once again bring cannabis to the world.


We have broken our strains into three categories.


Consistent Quality, Year Round | Seattle WA


white ds2

Specialty products for that time of year. | Seattle WA


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The Dawgstar Difference.

The cultivation of cannabis is an art form much like brewing the perfect beer or cup of coffee.
When it comes to cannabis a few things stand out above the rest, environment, nutrients, genetics and processing.
Our facility was designed to have complete control over its internal environment. This allows us to create perfect growing conditions.
We went through a 12 month process to bring you one of the few fully permitted and licensed grow facilities in the state.

We have acquired several award winning genetics and several unique genetics only grown by Dawg Star.

process veg

We have a vegetative grow process to produce larger, healthier plants which allow us to harvest more yield during the flowering process.


We have a perpetual flowering method which allows us to harvest 52 crops a year.

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