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Cannabis Origin Story

Cannabis was first used thousands of years ago as a medicine by the ancient Egyptions, who believed their gods came from the brightest star in the sky. They called this “The Dog Star”. Today, we know that it is actually two stars, Sirius A and B. According to the legend, a magical plant was brought down from these stars as a gift to mankind. It is believed this is the story of how cannabis got its name. Canna meaning “dog” and bis, meaning “two”, the plant that came from two Dawg Stars.


We have broken our strains into three categories.


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The Dawg Star Difference.

The cultivation of cannabis is an art form much like brewing the perfect beer or cup of coffee.

When it comes to cannabis a few things stand out above the rest, environment, nutrients, genetics and processing.

Our facility was designed to have complete control over its internal environment. This allows us to create perfect growing conditions.

We went through a 12 month process to bring you one of the few fully permitted and licensed grow facilities in the state.


We have acquired several award winning genetics that are grown in house solely for the use of Dawg Star brand.

process veg

We have a vegetative grow process to produce larger, healthier plants which allow us to harvest more yield during the flowering process.


We have a perpetual flowering method which allows us to harvest 52 crops a year.

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