Seattle's First Licensed and Permitted Grow Facility




We have broken our strains into 3 categories: MIND, BODY and MOOD to help tailor the experience to your needs.


The curing process is one of the most important and overlooked steps in growing cannabis. It is similar to aging spirits or wine. The wrong cure can ruin a crop but done right it will enhance the taste and smell of your cannabis. Once we harvest our cannabis we dry it for 7-10 days before we jar it.

We only use glass jars and let the cannabis cure for up to two weeks. The idea is to remove the water slow enough to let biological processes take place that convert the sugars and starches into harmless and flavorful compounds. Sugar or starch will give a harsh smoke that hurts the lungs. The curing process allows aerobic bacteria to come to life.

They will consume the chlorophyll that gives cannabis its green color. This creates a smoke less harsh on the throat. Once the curing process is complete we test all our cannabis for mold, potency and other contaminates.


We have decided to focus on a few strains vs a large variety. This allows us to perfect each strain and bring it to its highest potential while always providing you with a consistent supply.


We have decades of experience in the cannabis industry and will always push the envelope to develop the best products for our customers.