Dawg Star flower is packed and sold in 3.5G, 7G, and 28G jars. These jars are completely blacked out to prevent the degradation of any cannabinoids or terpenes. It is also packaged in glass to allow the flower to continue curing. All Dawg Star flower is indoor grown and hand trim to deliver the highest quality possible.

1 Gram Bag

3.5 Gram Jar

7 Gram Jar

1 Ounce Jar


All of our joints are made from high-quality flower, not trim. We have spent years perfecting the grind and rolling techniques to deliver you the perfect joint. We sell (2) .5G joints in a clear glass tube. We hope you enjoy smoking them as much as we do making them.


Our joint packs take the same amazing joints we sell in our glass tubes and simply give you more of them. Each pack comes with (7) .5G joints for a total of 3.5G. The joint box itself is small enough to fit in your pocket but strong enough to keep the joint safe even if you sit on them.


Our blunts are made from 1G of high-quality flower, not trim, and rolled in all-natural tobacco-free tea leaves. Each blunt is then topped with high-quality, strain-specific rosin, then dipped in kief. This process allows our blunts to burn slow and taste amazing, but be careful, they are strong!